Cate on film.

Bridal images on film.

Yes. Film.

I’m not going back to my roots and processing images in my darkroom. No, actually darkrooms freak me out. In high school I was in photography (who wasn’t?!) and for whatever reason our teacher allowed the students in my class to play whatever music they wanted to.

My class apparently enjoyed relaxing and doing what I consider pretty high-focused work to…Metalica. Yes. Metalica. :/

To this very day hearing anything from that bad brings me back to the darkness of the darkroom and the smell of the chemicals. This girl will NEVER have a darkroom. It’s just not going to happen.

But what she does have is a love for film, the art of the process of taking the photo, the actual meticulous amount of work to improve my craft of photography.

Yes, didn’t you know that photography was an actual ART?! Who knew 😉

And then there’s the right film for the right condition and then learning how to properly expose that film. (yes Fuji film needs to be exposed differently than say Kodak film)…

And then when it’s all said and done, I pop those little film cartridges INTO THE MAIL! 🙂 See…no darkroom required!

I’ve been working with several different companies and will be using different ones for different needs. As of yet I can’t say I prefer one over another strictly based on the images I get back.  So many different factors play in my decisions on which lab to use – although, wait time & cost are the main factors. These slides return to me in jpg format so I can always take them into post processing and tweak to my heart’s desire.

So as announced on facebook, I will be crossing over to the dark side and shooting a lot of film from now on.  In fact, all newly booked clients for 2014 WILL have the luxury of  80% film for their session or wedding day with me.   YIPPEE!!


And now…without further ado. Here’s Cate. On film.





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