Cory & Joe, Engaged! Fort Bragg California

Lucky enough to have sunshine here on the Mendocino Coast; Cory, Joe and I walked the headlands before heading down to the beach.  Judging from the pictures, I am going to guess these two had a great time! And that’s exactly why we do engagement sessions in the first place, so I can see how my clients interact with each other and they can see and feel what it’s going to be like with me on the wedding day.

If you don’t already have an engagement session scheduled, maybe it’s a good thing you did? Yes. I think you should! xoxo TammieGilchristPhotography_0001TammieGilchristPhotography_0002TammieGilchristPhotography_0003TammieGilchristPhotography_0004TammieGilchristPhotography_0005TammieGilchristPhotography_0006TammieGilchristPhotography_0007TammieGilchristPhotography_0008TammieGilchristPhotography_0009TammieGilchristPhotography_0010TammieGilchristPhotography_0011TammieGilchristPhotography_0012TammieGilchristPhotography_0013TammieGilchristPhotography_0014TammieGilchristPhotography_0015TammieGilchristPhotography_0016TammieGilchristPhotography_0017TammieGilchristPhotography_0018


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