day one, week one || 7 week cleanse


I admit it. I’m a sugar, junk-food lovin’ aholic.  It’s not that I don’t want to eat healthy but for me it’s ‘easier’ for me to work out hard and then reward myself with a tasty meal.

I also despise meal planning and cooking. I’m not sure where this stems from and maybe one day I’ll figure it out.  But for now, I just know it takes a lot of energy and time I don’t care to spend, planning meals that are healthy and tasty.

I am a work in progress.  Enter Delphine and her 7 week cleanse.

After our first meeting which was last night, I felt a number of feelings go off inside me. I was confused, scared, worried, excited, exhausted and ready.


Then we went out to dinner…

At that point in the day I could have done two things. One, just said screw it and eat and drink whatever I wanted (Yum, Mexican!) or two, actually started the cleansing process at that very meal by cutting out the things I know I should not be eating.

So what did I do: I ate rice & beans, and about half a Mexican sandwich.  I should have ordered a big salad (although they didn’t offer anything on their menu larger than a side) and asked for some avocado on the side.

Yes, maybe the sandwich was bad (and the bread wasn’t even that good) but I would have normally gotten a diet coke and eaten the entire sandwich. Stale bread and all.

I’m learning here…baby steps!


Then we went grocery shopping…

Which I dread, but luckily living on the Mendocino Coast, options are endless for a vegan lifestyle.  Delphine had posted a couple recipes on the group’s facebook page, which I utilized as a shopping this. So very helpful!  My grocery cart was filled to the brim with veggies, fruits and bags of nuts, lentils and bee pollen.


What’s I’ve put into my mouth today…

Today I have had 16 oz of tea (it’s a mix prepared by the instructor just for this week’s particular cleanse – the nervous system), almost 32 oz of water (somehow I’m suppose to get in a gallon today…), oatmeal with chia seeds, cinnamon and almond milk (breakfast!) and lunch was a couple rice cakes with almond butter, banana and raw honey.  I’ve snacked on blueberries and gluten free crackers.

Yes, I know. Lots of sweet stuff. I am a work in progress, remember? I also have no idea what I’m doing. Baby steps…


For dinner tonight I’ll put together something edible for my family (I have 5:30 zumba!) and then when I get home I can throw a salad together. I have all the ingredients ready to go, so prep shouldn’t be a problem.


What I’m feeling right now…

Right now I am feeling hopeful, happy, a lot less confused and scared than I was last night and satisfied.  I am still worried I might get to a point and want to quit and give up, but I’ve given my instructor instructions on not allowing that to happen to me.  I do not want to give up. I can’t give up.  My sugar addiction has a grip on me like no one’s business and I want to concur this before I get any closer to 40 than I already am.


So there you go, day one week one.

What are you doing to make 2013 a more healthful year?

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S e a r c h