disappointments, part 2 – Northern Ca Wedding Photographer

I actually thought the last blog post was just me rambling in private. I had no idea it actually published.


But it did, and this is good. I need to get those negative feelings out in the world because maybe, just maybe, someone else is feeling the same way I am.

Or not.

But either way today was a new day. And I woke up happy and ready to move forward. I also found out that it wasn’t price that ultimately made the bride go with someone else.

It was the personality and website style of the other photographer that swooned the bride.

This is good. Because for me, it’s not about the money. I can make it work for you if we’re a good fit. Promise.

The bride knew what she liked and what she didn’t and it just wasn’t me. I’m glad I found this out before and not later, like when she’s looking at her wedding pictures.

My style, as I’ve known (without knowing the actual describing words) and recently been told by a complete stranger is high luxury, clean, elegant and simply breathtaking.

Yes internet…I am luxe.

And maybe this bride just wasn’t quite as luxe as she needed to be for me. But trust me when I say this – this girl can hang with the best of them, high luxury or not.

I once read this photographer’s blog where she posted something about how she went about her wedding photography –

She shot it as if it was the world series of baseball games, even if it was just a little league game….

My point is – it doesn’t matter to me what your budget it on your flowers, or your dress or the food you’re serving.

I photograph each wedding the same – attention to detail while looking at the over all picture.  Every wedding is beautifully unique.

But what I bring to the table is the luxe. The clean images. The breathtaking portraiture.

Does this sound like something you’re looking for?

Well if it is, give me a ring and let’s make this happen.



ps – each of the following collages of 2011 weddings had totally different budgets, totally different locations etc. but each of them have two things in common.

me + beautiful

c o m m e n t s
S e a r c h