Eloped in Mendocino || Randy & Beth

Elopement site: Stanford Inn by the Sea

Makeup: Amy Wall, Mendocino Beauty

Wedding rings: Old Gold, Mendocino California

Good afternoon and happy Monday internet! I took a whole, entire week off and traveled far and wide with my family.   Well…actually we drove to North Lake Tahoe but 5 1/2 hours in the car seems like forever when you’re at the tail-end of the flu. The dreaded, bed-ridden for four days F.L.U.  But I’m back, recharged and raring to go! Randy and Beth are planning their big, friends & family-filled wedding bliss sometime this year but decided to hop on over to the Mendocino Coast for a private exchange of vows last October.  Randy proposed to Beth on the shore of the Mendocino Coast and they both felt it was just the right spot for their 10.11.12 ceremony. I was just given the go-ahead on posting these images by Beth a few weeks ago because they decided to wait and not tell their family right away.   Elopements are so near and dear to me, not because I eloped but because I have photographed a number of them and they all have one thing in common. LOVE. It’s beautiful, intimate and lovely.  When it all comes down to it, a wedding day is about one thing, a union of just two people. No matter what else happens, who is there or what they are planning to eat for dinner, love is what brings them together.  Now, don’t get me wrong. I love a beautifully decorated reception site or gorgeous calligraphy wedding invitations, but as a photographer, I LOVE the love between the couple. Beth and Randy were by far some of the kindest, sweetest, most gentle with each other couples I have had the pleasure of photographing. And BETH. Holy moly, that lady is GORGEOUS! Thank you again you two for inviting me into your day and sharing such a wonderful moment in time with you. xo Tammie

 See what I mean. GORGEOUS!

After a few shots at the Stanford Inn, we headed out to the Mendocino Headlands.

Yes, this is where Randy asked Beth to marry him.

 That right there my friends is Mendocino. Can you believe I get to live here?! Rings by Old Gold. Cuff links are family heirlooms & absolutely stunning! even elopements can have a few beautiful details like these gorgeous orchids. 

c o m m e n t s
S e a r c h