Fort Bragg Senior Portrait Photography, Jocelyn Silva


There are just a few things about living in a small town I love, but the one thing I love the most is knowing someone everywhere I go.  Had I been paying more attention to the ladies that work at the corner deli I frequent (and less attention to the panini’s I go in there for) I would have realized I see miss Jocelyn quite often!

A couple emails back and forth between us, we decided to meet up in town and head down caravan style to Mendocino.  I did what I do best, and that is to ask Mama and the rest of Jocelyn’s family to go ahead and walk around the area while we shoot together.  Jocelyn is so beautiful, even with the wind blowing the wrong direction and really driving her nuts 🙂  While I took her pictures we walk around, chatted a lot about High School and words of advice she’d give to the Freshman class. I had a wonderful time getting to see how sweet this pretty girl is, inside and out. Thank you Jocelyn for having me take your High School senior portraits. It was an honor…enjoy!


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