Kids in weddings: How thrilling it is for kids to get to play a part in the big day.

Yes, you can see there is a theme to my posts this week – facebook fan suggestions!! This post suggestion came from Khamoor Poehlmann. If that names sounds familiar, it’s because you just read her Q&A on my blog last week. You can find the link to it here.

I met with a potential bride and groom last week. We hit it off right away, and in fact even before meeting them in person, just the bride’s voice on my voicemail made me smile. So cheerful and sunny. And our meeting didn’t disappoint. These two are so charming and don’t even get me started on how photogenic I know they are.

I’m bringing these two people up not because I want you to know I had the most excellent meeting last week with a potential client, but because he has kids of his own and she is the sister of 9. There’s a lot of kids in their combined families. A LOT.

This makes my heart happy to hear. Some would shutter at the thought of having so many kids in a wedding party, but not me. I love kids. The more the merrier. I had a boat-load in my wedding and wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Back then people just weren’t as creative with using children in the wedding (yes, way back then…1996 to be exact!). Nowadays, this is not the case. The colors and all that cuteness. Kids are even carrying signs down the isle…here comes the bride.

If you’re wondering about where I got the above images, I googled searched for them. Above left, Kate Moss and her wedding party of a dozen little ones (which I LOVE and want to re-create at some point this wedding season!), top right two little girls with headpieces taken from here. Bottom left image taken from here (that little girl, don’t you just want to eat her up?!). Bottom right taken from here. Those tulle skirts…delish!

And by far one of my favorite images taken from my wedding day included children too…

and then some shots from last year…apparently I love a kid in a floral headpiece 🙂


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