Kristen & Mike, expecting baby #1 so soon! 

I’ve known Kristen since the day she was born because she is my cousin! And since we’re ten years apart, I honestly do remember her since she was a little baby. Her family lived far enough away we didn’t grow up together, but there were always intentional family gatherings we share so many memories with,  so even tho I couldn’t tell you how well she did in sixth grade basketball, I can tell you where she was on their vacation every Labor Day since her older brother was a baby… we spent that weekend together in Fort Bragg! So much has happened in her family and mine over the years, and we’ve still kept the tradition going. Now to be able to take photos for her and her family is a true honor; family pictures, engagement pictures and now baby bump pictures!  

These two are going to be phenomenal parents. Without a doubt.  

c o m m e n t s
S e a r c h