Melissa and Kim, Married in Mendocino by Elope Mendocino

If you’re paying attention, you’ll notice I shoot a lot of elopements! And this makes me very happy because I love them. I’ve been lucky to work with a very sweet elopement proprietor the past few years, Vanna Freeberg of Elope Mendocino. Melissa and Kim were married by Vanna at the Agate Cove Inn in Mendocino California.TammieGilchristPhotography_0761TammieGilchristPhotography_0762TammieGilchristPhotography_0763TammieGilchristPhotography_0764TammieGilchristPhotography_0765TammieGilchristPhotography_0771TammieGilchristPhotography_0766TammieGilchristPhotography_0767TammieGilchristPhotography_0768TammieGilchristPhotography_0769TammieGilchristPhotography_0770

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