Neil Dondanville, Fort Bragg High School Class of 2013



As if it wasn’t bad enough I babysat the High School gym teacher back when he was a little boy, I actually went to school with Neil’s mom and dad.  It’s official. I’m old…

These pictures are technically for Neil since he is the one graduating High School. But if you’re a parent, and your child is the one graduating, these are for YOU.

The kids will look back and appreciate them when they are older (and more wise!) but for now they do this for their Mom, their Dads, their grandparents, aunts, uncles or whomever is important in their life. Whomever makes them happy. Whomever they want to please.

So enough of the sentimental stuff…let’s get onto the photos. I mean, that’s what you came here for anyway.  Enjoy!









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