Brianna & Ron, Married in Mendocino (sneak peeks!)

Brianna & Ron were married Saturday on the headlands of Mendocino California. It was an amazingly gorgeous day here, not a cloud in the sky. Surrounded by their immediate family and some great friends, it was a sweet, intimate affair they’ll remember for a lifetime (and if their memories fade, the pictures will be around for their grandchildren to enjoy!!).  As mentioned, these images are just sneak peeks from my time with them, so watch in the future for a much larger gallery of images to hit the internet. But for now, here’s a taste of their day…



Thank you letters are the best! Mendocino Wedding and Elopement Photography

So pretty much these two were a dream to work with. From the second James Sibbett & I showed up at their door, both Steven and Kelly welcomed us with open arms.  We went from their room down to the lawn for the ceremony, a little bit of champagne & cake and then off to the beach! I spent a total of 2 hours with these two and it was if we had the pleasure of spending an entire wedding day getting to know them.  I think the images speak for themselves… these two no doubt felt at ease in front of me and my camera.


I sent off the film (yes folks, I shoot film and no, I don’t think it’s a waste of time) and uploaded the pictures into their online gallery. I usually hear back from my clients with a nice email because in all of eight years I’ve yet had an unhappy client! But this came through today and it just made my day & I had to share. Love these two so much!


Dear Tammie,

We hope this finds you well.

First, let us apologize for the delay in this note of our gratitude!!! We’ve been incredibly busy with out of town guests and other business.
We want you to know we are over the moon with our gorgeous wedding photos. They turned out better than we could have imagined; and we love how creative you are and how you magically captured the love we have for one another through your lens!!!
We have deep gratitude for your gift as a photographer and are so happy you were there to capture our special day.
The hardest part now is choosing our favourite photos because we love them all.
Many, many thanks to you.
Best regards,
Steven and Kelly




Peter & Laura, Married! Spring Ranch Barn, Mendocino California

Spring Ranch Barn is a wonderful place to spend the weekend celebrating your wedding. Between the grand victorian which houses at least 12 people (maybe more if you get real cozy 😉 and the guest loft (where my bride’s always get ready & where the couple stays) AND the wedding barn (where all the partying happens!) you’ve basically come to the best all inclusive location in the Mendocino area! When I get an email or phone call from a potential client who just so happens to be using SRB as their venue this girl does a happy dance (literally and figuratively speaking!).

So when Peter and Laura gave me a call and let me know this was their venue and I had their wedding day open, I JUMPED at the opportunity to be their wedding photographer.  I have a solid eight years in now and it’s very easy for me to say I know exactly who my ‘ideal’ clients are – They value photography, they know good professional wedding photography is not going to be cheap and they trust the professionals to do their job without needing to micromanage their every move. Aesthetics of the day is important to them, it just isn’t something thrown together without thought or meaning or because they saw it on Pinterest. Love between the couple is foremost the MOST important feature in my ideal client (hence why I shoot so many elopements and very few big weddings anymore).  And with that said, Peter & Laura were truly my ideal clients. Yay!!

A few weeks later and the three of us are knee deep in planning out the timeline, knowing what is important to them (yes, Peter’s mama teaching two-stepping to the group is #1 on his list!) and what isn’t (a cake didn’t make the ‘cut’ but ice cream did!) …

The day was fantastic and even with all the changes that were made, there were smiles to the end 🙂

Thank you Pete & Laura for having faith in me, including me in all the special moments of your rehearsal & wedding and being oh so patient for the images to hit your mailbox. You two are wonderfully sweet people and I’m still over the moon happy to have been the wedding photographer you hired to photograph such a milestone in your lives .





Heather & David, Married at Holly’s Ocean Meadow, Fort Bragg California

I really don’t need to go on and on about how sweet and kind these two are… but I’m going to anyway.  From the second I started talking with Heather on the phone, I knew she was my ‘client’. In the industry we are always aiming for the ‘ideal client’ to work with. It just makes the connection that much easier for everyone if we click. She is kind, generous, welcoming and a gift of a friend. I’m sure David already knew this about himself, but just in case he needs another little reminder, he is one LUCKY man to have been blessed with such an amazing soul to share this life with.  The three of us spent some time together the day before the wedding (engagement pictures coming soon! I know, this is totally backwards posting wedding pictures first 😉 and then a nice long full day together on their wedding day. In that time I was able to meet so many wonderful friends and family they share their lives with. So thank you EVERYONE who welcomed me in on those two amazing days. Heather & David, thank YOU for everything. These pictures (this is a LONG post which doesn’t even touch what they are getting from me on their USB drive!) doesn’t even do the day justice as I had to slim it down to just a little shy of 115 photos, but it does show the love and beauty they have for each other. So without further ado, let’s get onto the pictures!

Venue: Holly’s Ocean Meadow

Catering: Karina’s catering

Cake: homemade by Heather’s mama Tami

Florals: put together by friends

Band: Marshal House Project


c o m m e n t s
S e a r c h