Popcorn and a paperbag

I’m not sure where I read this handy-dandy tip. But it’s such a good one, I have to share with you!

Did you know you can totally pop popcorn in the microwave. In a paper lunch bag? Yeah. I know, pretty amazing. Well if you already knew this, then just skip this post. But if not, be prepared to be amazed. Because I totally was 🙂

Grab popcorn kernels. About 1/3 cup.

Pour them into the lunch bag. Fold over the top twice, making sure the top is closed.

Microwave for about 3 minutes. I have a button on my microwave for ‘popcorn’ but I had to add an additional 20 seconds to that cycle.

It takes about 15 or 20 seconds to get going.

Watch the bag. You will be finished when the bag starts to break open in the corner. I did not wait until it was done popping completely, as I didn’t want it to burn.

Rip open the bag and enjoy!

(as you can see from the photos, we melted some butter and sprinkled salt on top as well. This is totally optional 😉

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