Q&A with Julia of Assaggiare Mendocino

Julia Conway, Assaggiare Mendocino

17451 Jade Court, Fort Bragg, Ca 95437


email: info@assaggiare.com

website: www.assaggiare.com


Yes, good morning! I’m up super early and thought I’d get my day started off right with a new blog post.

I’m so excited to actually have this Q&A series up and running. This time around my friend Julia played along with me, took some time out of her super busy schedule and answered some fun questions.

If you are a bride reading this blog post and you’re on the fence about a caterer, Julia is one of the BEST!  I just told her yesterday I wish I was a bride just so I could do a tasting with her 😉

So enough of me talking…let’s get the to good stuff!!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your company?
I wanted to be a chef as a teenager, but my mother (a restaurant owner) said no way.  So I went to college and got a business degree and worked in the tech industry for twenty years.  In 1998, I retired and went back to the food business.  Assaggiare Mendocino is named for the Italian infinitive verb “to taste” and expresses the flavors and ingredients of Northern California

2. How did you get into catering?
Clients and business associates started asking me to cook for their parties and events.  I learned how to cook for large groups from my Italian grandmother, at a very early age.

3. What is your favorite part of the Wedding day/preparation/process?
Developing the perfect menu for a bride and groom that reflects their heritage and their favorite foods and ties the past to the future of their life together.  Of course, I love seeing them smile when they eat the food!

4. What is the most awkward moment you’ve experience while on the job?
When one of my brides called me to tell me that the matron of honor (married to the best man) had run off with another woman and the best man wouldn’t stand at the altar with her at the wedding.  I told her I was her caterer, not her therapist, but we figured out a plan that worked.  No one knew.

5. What is your favorite venue, and why?
Elk Cove Inn, the view and location are so beautiful, it makes everything about the wedding memorable.  However, there are always new locations that we work in that are equally stunning!

6. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned, and would pass along to other new caterers just getting started?
Never stop learning new things.  Every customer teaches us something we didn’t know before.

7. If you could travel to any city in the world purely for the food, where would you go?
I’ve been to Florence and was blown away.  I’d love to eat kaiseki (tea ceremony food) in a remote country inn in Japan, a perfect expression of seasonal and local ingredients.

8. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Right here on the Mendocino coast.  However, it wouldn’t hurt to have a vacation home in a tropical location to get away to.

9. If you couldn’t be a caterer, what would you be?
A food writer/photographer

And last but not least…
10. Chocolate or vanilla?
Chocolate, dark, dark chocolate

c o m m e n t s
S e a r c h