Q&A with Khamoor Poehlmann of Mendocino Floral Design

Mendocino Floral Design, Owner Khamoor Poehlmann + Nancy Puder

41451 Little Lake Road

P.O. Box 902

Mendocino, California 95460


Website: www.MendocinoFloralDesign.com

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/MendocinoFloralDesign

Good morning internet! I’m officially on a roll with my North Coast Wedding Vendor Q&A’s!! Woohoo!!

My 4th Q&A to hit the blog is from none other than the ever talented Khamoor of Mendocino Floral Design. What her and her partner, Nancy Puder can do to a couple flowers is more than just amazing…it’s literally jaw-dropping gorgeousness.

I have a funny story about the first time I met Khamoor. Please humor me for a second, because we might actually be the only two that find this funny…

Even before we had ever worked together, I of course, had ‘liked’ her on facebook. I also knew how quick she was to post snapshops of her masterpieces onto facebook, I had a goal to try to get my photos up before her.

As if that wasn’t enough for me, I actually told her (yes, within minutes of meeting her for the first time mind you) that I was going to beat her with the facebook pictures.

In fact, I think I even laughed a little with a ‘muahhhh…’ Yes, classy, I know. And what a fantastic first impression I left in her head.

So the wedding went off without a hitch, I came home and uploaded a nice handful of flower pics to facebook. I was sure I beat her.

I then realized I was not first, Khamoor was.

And to which I left this comment:

“Ha! You are first! And…your are awesome! The flowers were beautiful!”

…I said that? You are first? Seriously.

Apparently I love a little healthy competition between wedding vendors. And yes, she is awesome and the flowers were beautiful.

Stunning. Gorgeous. Jaw-dropping.

okay, so right now this story might not sound very funny to you. But trust me, it was pretty funny. It was…

Then less than a day later the photos I posted were flooded with kind comments from the bride, Sonya (Mendocino Weddings + Events owner/coordinator) and lots of fans of my facebook page.

Even with all the beautiful love that was left on my page, and granted there were lots, what Khamoor wrote to me yesterday in a message touched me deeply…

“Your photos remain some of my favorites. I think you made the floral decor look even better than it really was!”

Impossible it was just me, just one person who makes the beautiful magic happen on a wedding day.

We are a team, we work together to make all the puzzle pieces fit, to create something grand. To create a beautiful Wedding Day for our clients.

What these two girls can do to a few old chairs, a handful of flowers and ribbon…I can’t even begin to describe.

And I also think that I’ve gone on and on in a post not about me. So before I go any further with my love obsession of Mendocino Floral Design, let’s get onto the good stuff.

 Q. Tell us a bit about yourself and your company?

Mendocino Floral Design is a partnership between the worlds best business partner Nancy Puder, and myself.  We work out of a  farmstead studio that is surrounded with acres of beautiful gardens. We are primarily a weddings and events florist, but do special orders as well. We do not have a storefront in town, which allows us to keep our focus entirely on the weddings  and other events we are working on.  Our intention is to use local and seasonal flowers whenever we can.  We like creative designs that celebrate the flowers and other natural materials used. We feel fortunate to have the best job ever! 

Q. How did you get into Floral Design?

In 2006 Nancy and I decided to join forces and put our love of flowers and our passion for creating beautiful events together and create Mendocino Floral Design. We realized that Mendocino was and is a popular and growing wedding destination, and there was a void to fill in the floral area. 

Q. What is your favorite part of the Wedding day/preparation/process?

I love so much of the wedding process!  Creating the vision and writing the proposal is the birth of the project, which is exciting. When we are gathering the flowers together to use on an event, we handle each single stem, either through picking them from our cutting gardens, or unpacking them from one of our suppliers and hydrating them. We revel in the beauty of each flower, and begin to get excited about how pretty it will all be.  Presenting the bride and her party with the bouquets is always really lovely because it is right before the ceremony and she is flushed and excited. It is a very special moment. Right after the ceremony starts we rush back to the  reception location and take care of last moment details, and it always looks so perfect with tables set and candles twinkling, but nobody around. It is a quiet moment of beauty. 

Q. What is the most awkward moment you’ve experience while on the job?

There was a day  that as I delivered the bouquet to the bride & her maid of honor and they swooned over them,  and as I was leaving the bride asked if I was going to bring in the other five bouquets for her bridesmaids… a communication error  had left us without  the information that she had a full bridal party!  Luckily we had many helping hands to call on, and those ladies all had beautiful bouquets in no time. 

Q. What is your favorite venue, and why?

The Mendocino coast has so many beautiful venues, each one spectacular in its own way. Some sites are stunning, but more challenging to work at because of natural obstacles like sloping hills and gopher holes. Some sites have historical charm, some are intimate and dramatic. I am really excited about the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse, which has expanded its usage to allow for tenting this season. That will be a winner for sure! 

Q. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned, and would pass along to other new wedding (your line of business) just getting started?

I  always remember that this is a really extraordinary day for the couple. It is a big deal  to be getting married, and it is much more than just a party that we are working at. We are all there to help this couple and their families create  the event that they dream of, and I want them to look back on the day with great joy.  This is a great area to work on events because the local vendors all feel the same way, and will go the extra step to make it just right.  ( We have experienced that some out of town  vendors don’t always have this same sense of community) . 

Q. If you could travel to any city in the world purely for the food, where would you go?

Oh my!  My gut response (punny!)  is somewhere in the south of Italy where they prepare the best of everything I love, and do a great job of itl. Gelato, pizza, vegetables, pasta, so darn yummy. I am salivating!  

Q. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I wouldn’t rather live anywhere more than here, but I sure do love to spend time in other places. I am VERY comfortable in the tropics with a hammock and a good book. I love to adventure around new places and get new experiences, but I am happy to call Mendocino home. 

Q. If you couldn’t be a floral designer, what would you be?

I really love looking at property and imagining the potential it has. My husband and I have built and renovated a number of projects, and I like that. When I have slouch time I find myself watching House Hunters International and those home renovation shows. However my most important and most rewarding job is mothering our four kids, and that is what I am truly most passionate about. 

And last, but not least…

Q. Chocolate or vanilla?

Chocolate. Dark. Best quality. Most any form. Yes, please! 



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