Self portraits

I like to be behind the camera, not in front. I’ve always felt awkward. Slightly crooked smile, very pointy chin…yes, I’m my worst critic. So I decided as a New Year’s gift to myself I would attempt at taking a decent picture. I mean, I feel good. My skin is very happy these days. I’ve been Zumba-ing for over a year. Why not?

December 31st my husband went off to work. My kids traveled out of town with my parents. And I got busy. Clothes? check. Makeup? check. Hair? check. Tripod? check.

Golden hour rolled around and I headed over to my parents house where the light would be perfect, I wouldn’t have an audience and I could set up and get busy.

Trust me when I say this – it is not easy taking a picture of yourself. I don’t know. Maybe it is. But it wasn’t for me. And I was slightly nervous the neighbors were looking over the fence watching. And quietly laughing at me. Because let’s be real here. I probably looked like an idiot. Back and forth. Did that look good? Nope. Try again. Click….beep. beep. beep. Click. Did that look okay? Nope. Try again…

It took me about 1 1/2 hours to get anything decent.  I have something scheduled for February with another photography team out of town. I’m really looking forward to this shoot for a number of reasons. Mainly so I don’t have to run back and forth looking at the screen 😉

Curious to see the results? here ya go…

c o m m e n t s
S e a r c h