Shani’s Sweet Creations creates something sweet for me!

Shani’s Sweet Creations

Owner/Operator: Shani Christenson

phone: 707.937.2571



I guess it was last week, or the week before I saw Shani’s Sweet Creations and her yummy sugar cookies land on my facebook timeline.  If you know me, then you already know I’m slightly addicted to sugar.

What you probably don’t know is sugar cookies are the ultimate weakness of mine.

I have a seriously bad addiction.

So bad I have really thought about hypnosis to help tame my sugar addiction…and so what does this addict do?

Yes, what DOES she do, you ask.

Well duh, she emails Shani and orders up two dozen cookies!

Shani and her husband Chris have been nothing but the sweetest people to work with. I have even encouraged them to get their rears to local wedding vendors because this is a product brides would LOVE to have at their reception.  I mean, seriously…who doesn’t LOVE an iced, decorated sugar cookie?!

I picked up my cookies this afternoon, and snapped a few pictures before we started in on them.

Don’t they look beautiful?

And as beautiful as they are, Shani didn’t skimp on texture and flavor.

The lemon flavored one I ate was delicious! Okay…maybe I had two.



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S e a r c h