Summertime fun

We hit the strawberry stand on the way home from school clothes shopping last week.

$20 in jars, $32 in fruit, $8 in pectin and $10 in sugar later we got this… and oh yeah, we have yet made the blackberry jam 🙁

The recipe I used was called ‘freezer jam’ which requires no boiling and was pretty easy. Just in case you wanted to give it a try, here’s the recipe:

Freezer Jam

5 small pints of strawberries (although I used 6 because that’s how they sold them at the fruit stand)

6 cups of sugar (I added a little more since I used 6 pints of berries instead of 5)

1 package of pectin

2/3 cup water

First boil your containers. I have a cycle on my dishwasher for this, so I just popped them in there and ran it. Yes, I’m THAT lazy.

Then wash your berries. I soaked mine for a just a few minutes, then cut off the tops.

Next, smash up the berries. Emma did this for me. She left quite a few ‘chunks’ because that’s how she likes her jam. Chunky!

Good lord that’s a lot of sugar!

Add the sugar to the smashed berries and mix well…

While the berries soak up the sugar, bring the water to a boil and add pectin. Stir pectin/water mixture for a minute once it comes to a boil. Pour into berry/sugar mixture and stir x3 minutes.

Pour sauce into jars and close lids tightly. Refrigerate x24 hours and then ENJOY! They say it will keep up to a year in the freezer, but I don’t think it will last that long in my house!

Yes, she likes her Jam CHUNKY!

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