The Hendricks | Fort Bragg, California

11148548_10153204250557412_76039842036376063_n11145066_10153204250592412_2641991209239866641_n11124930_10153204250192412_5174738535979531136_n11000506_10153204250102412_4744931526133475619_n (1)11013151_10153204249092412_6750361804756576461_n10906403_10153204249962412_4910849221573213376_nJust a couple high-energy boys, a four week old baby and Mom & Dad treking down to the beach only to have to run back to their car because of the rain. Oh well! I think we ‘got the shot’ anyway…what do you think?!

Thank you so much for another fun time. I know it’s always hard on mama…but these images seem to be worth it in the end. Don’t you think?

c o m m e n t s
S e a r c h