Throwback Thursday. Back in the day!

Oh boy. I’m really going to make a huge effort to blog more often. I go in phases with my photography business where it seems like it’s all or nothing.

I do like it that way since I sincerely enjoy my downtime but then my blog lies idle. And I hate that!

I’m thinking we need a theme to each day of the week, or at least three days of the week.

Once wedding season kicks in for me here in a month I will be blogging a few favorites Tuesday after the wedding day so we’ve got that day covered!

I am totally loving the Throwback Thursdays I see on Instagram (are YOU on Instagram?? Follow me here)

And speaking of Instagram…

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my homepage online. All these photos lined up so beautifully. The end of the this year I will be ordering an album with all my 2013 Instagram photos inside.

I’m still looking into the perfect album for this project. Thinking ArtifactUprising might be a perfect fit.  I follow them on Instagram. Beautiful work they do! You can find their link here.

So back to my original topic…T H R O W B A C K  T H U R S D A Y

Who wants to see some ridiculously funny pictures?! Yeah, I know you do!!

So, I do happen to have very curly hair. Now.

I’m going to guess I was about 10 in this photo (my younger brother looks to be about 7 and our friend Megan sitting next to me a few years younger than he).

See, back then I did NOT have curly hair. In fact, at one point in my early teens my mom allowed me to have a perm.  A PERM!! 4 hours in a chair breathing in those toxic, toxic fumes.

So that’s me. Blond & straight. Just crazy!!

and don’t even get me started on those rockin’ shoes. I mean, seriously. I was HIGH fashion back in the day.

and then rewind a bit further back to my first year of life…I’m just going out on a limb here but I think I ended up with HIS hair.

Oh dad…

Throwback Thursday was a rocking success in my books.  I’d like to offer up bridal tips on the blog too. I think scheduling these for Monday might be the perfect fit.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends.

work hard. play hard.



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