My brother came to town for a few days. He doesn’t live too far away, but if you have ever been to Fort Bragg, then you know how isolated we are here. And it doesn’t matter if you live 3 hours away or 15, you still have to drive a lot to get here.

The weather has been something nothing short of amazing. Big blue sky, crisp cool air. Birds chirping and the ocean waves roaring.

The kids were getting very restless just hanging out at my parents house. So it was auntie to the rescue!  We have a lot of great trails along the beach, but the easiest to access and walk on is at a State Park by the name of MacKerricher SP. With paved parking lot, easy to get to potties (yes, I said potties. I have small children!) and a wonderful wooded boardwalk  – why would we even imagine going anywhere else?

I really did try to take the kids on a walk off the boardwalk, but fighting with my 9 year old to stay on the path so her younger cousins wouldn’t fall off into the ocean just wasn’t working for me. So we found the boardwalk and all was happy again.

I love these kids. Smiles, giggles, hand-holding and running. I’m happy to be able to spend time with them, because as I watch my teenager grow into an adult, I realize time goes by so quickly. Before I know it my 9 year old will be a teenager, and my niece and nephew will be older as well. So for now I cherish all the time I have with them.




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