Wrapping up 2012 with photos | Northern California photographer, Tammie Gilchrist

There are not going to be a whole lot of words in this post. It’s a wrap-up to a wonderful year in collage format. 40+ sessions last year = a very long blog post. I’m not going to even apologize  It was a wonderful year and I love each and every one of my clients and wouldn’t have this post any other way.  (I actually do have one other elopement that didn’t hit the internet as it’s totally top secret. It KILLS me because it is by far one of the MOST beautiful elopements I have ever done but nonetheless, it stays offline until I get the thumbs up sometime in June/July of this year:)

This is a good time to make my announcement as well. Looking back at my past years as a professional photographer, I have decide to really narrow my focus on who gets in front of my camera. I’ll be announcing a bit more of the details later in the month but for now I’m going to only take commissioned (family) portraiture clients if I’ve already had you in front of my camera.  I loved every single one of my family portrait clients in the past, but in order for my business to really grow into what I need it to be, I need to put more time and energy somewhere else.

So with all that said, let’s get to the good stuff! Onto photos from 2012…


Baptism, Mendocino Catholic Church

Author Emily’s headshots for the bio section of her novel Shani’s Sweet Creations Sonya Houston, Mendocino Weddings & Events Wine Country Party & Events, Mendocino Coast Mendocino Beauty & Mantras Mendocino 2nd Annual Fashion Show Michelle & Joey – eloped! with Elope Mendocino. MacCallum House Inn & Cypress Grove, Mendocino
 Michelle & Michael – eloped! with Elope Mendocino and the Westport Hotel, Westport California  Sheila & James – eloped! with Elope Mendocino and the Westport Hotel, Westport California Jessica & Brad renewed their wedding vows, Westport California  Sarah & Danny – eloped! with James Sibbett, on the Mendocino Coast Alisa & Dwight – Married, Private Residence, Fort Bragg California Allie & Jamie, Married at the Leonard Lake Reserve in Redwood Valley, California Diana & Robert, Married at the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, Fort Bragg California Kathleen & Mark, Married at the Spring Ranch Barns, Little River California with Mendocino Weddings & Events Katie & Scott, engagement photos in Davis California Katie & Scott, married at the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, Fort Bragg California with Mendocino Weddings & Events Sheila & Gene, married at the Albion River Inn, Albion California  Baxman & Queen family session at a private residence, Fort Bragg California McFadden family session at a State Park in Little River, California Iversen & Durigan family session at MacKerricher State Park, Fort Bragg California Dondanville family session at a private residence in Mendocino, California Multi-generaltional family session in Gualala, California Reitzell family session, Cloverdale California  Larkin family session at MacKerricher State Park, Fort Bragg, California Family session on the beach in Westport, California Douglas family session at the Jughandle State park, Fort Bragg, California Hendricks family session at Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, California High School friends session – multiple locations, Mendocino, California High School friends session, Fort Bragg High School, Fort Bragg, California Neil’s Senior Portraits, Fort Bragg California Brandon’s Senior Portraits, Fort Bragg California  Keenan’s Senior Portraits, Fort Bragg CaliforniaDanni, Shasta & Kaitlin’s Senior Portraits, Fort Bragg California Jocelyn’s Senior Portraits, Fort Bragg California Haley’s Senior Portraits, Mendocino, California Natalie’s Senior Portraits, Fort Bragg California Mikala’s Senior Portraits, Fort Bragg California Nicholas’ Senior Portraits, Mendocino, California McKenna’s Senior Portraits, Mendocino, California

 Jenn & Wes, Private residence Yes, maam…private residence. Too hot for words…
 Baby toes. Yum. My husband in the image on the left. Fort Bragg Police Department, Fort Bragg, California  And then a random amount of personal images from 2012…

My personal 2013 wrap-up will no doubt be flooded with Instagram images. I just don’t take my work camera out for fun very often.

first day of school, trip to SF, fashion-photoshoot with my kids, photo safari with my friend, 8th grade graduation, dance concert and then a handful of strawberries.  Yes, very random.

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